About us


Larung Dipantara, technology offering for the country. Innovation and development Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is running very fast, dynamic, and possessing a very vital role in the development of an organization as well as being a driving force, supporters of community activities and so on. ICT has far-reaching implications and has been able to integrate values ​​previously thought impossible achieved, the values ​​in question are regarding speed, network, efficiency, and effectiveness.

In line with the development of ICT Larung Dipantara stands to support power competitiveness of ICT, business, and national development. Starting from the System Information Application whose goal is to integrate the elements of information that are still separate into an Information System to provide convenience in management and implementation of activities. Larung Dipantara is growing and always providing ICT infrastructure, contend, & context in accordance with developments and needs users.

We are a company providing information & communication technology services that are innovative, creative, and solution to create an informative business model by promoting green information technology.

Our mission

As an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) service provider innovative, creative, and solution to create an informative Indonesia with prioritizes Green Information Technology.
  • Providing solutions according to customer needs and being able to develop effective and efficient system with great dedication.
  • Encouraging the improvement of highly competitive and environmentally friendly ICT support Indonesia's development.
  • Establish mutually beneficial cooperation with full integrity.
  • SIUP: 503/8071.A/436.6.11/2014
  • TDP: 503/7689.D/436.6.11.2014